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Countdown to Kick-Off: New Blog!!!

In preparation for the Premier League season, I have started up a new football blog with my brother, Jeddy, called … Continue reading

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Countdown to Kick-Off: It’s Back! ‘Football Frenzy’, the New Football Game

Following the popularity of Feisty Footy last season, to celebrate this year I’ve made a brand new game based on … Continue reading

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Countdown to Kick-Off: Team-by-Team Preview (Relegation Battle)

The 6 teams I think will be scrapping it out for their Premier League status are featured in this post … Continue reading

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Countdown to Kick-Off: Team-by-Team Preview (Mid-Table)

So, onto the chunk of the teams in the league, and occupying positions 7-14 are the 8 teams that I … Continue reading

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Music, TV and Film

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August Playlist – New Music Special 🎷

August is about to hit us – holiday month! For some smashing songs that you will never have heard before, … Continue reading

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July Playlist 🎧

Big news! I have finally worked out how to use emojis on my blog 😀 So now I can 😂, … Continue reading

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Capital Summertime Ball 2016

A break from the Euros coverage, and yesterday I was lucky enough to go to the Capital FM Summertime Ball at Wembley Stadium. … Continue reading

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The Jungle Book – Review

Jon Favreau directs a remake of the 1968 classic, and this time, incredible computer-generated animals create incredibly realistic jungle scenes. … Continue reading

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Tech and Apps

The futuristic, funky and... err... functioning section... it's tech!

5 Games You Should Be Playing!

Am I the only one who always feels like they need a new phone game to play? Honestly, it feels … Continue reading

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OSM – Football Manager with Friends

Online Soccer Manager is a hugely popular online and mobile game that combines Football Manager with online gameplay to create an … Continue reading

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Clash Royale – Supercell’s Best Yet?

It’s been a long time coming, but when Supercell’s new game Clash Royale landed in the UK App Store, it didn’t disappoint. The game combines the popular faces from Clash of Clans with gameplay that card battlers like Hearthstone would be proud of, alongside a dose of FIFA Ultimate Team in the ‘packs’ – chests – and the online match-ups… Continue reading

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‘Pocket Planes’ Plane Guide

Pocket Planes is an ingenious game by NimbleBit in which you control and expand an empire of planes and you … Continue reading

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