Clash of Clans Amazing Idea: Troop Fuser!!!

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The Golemite

Here is my incredible idea for a new army structure – the Troop Fuser!


I suggest this being unlocked at town hall 8, otherwise it will be far too OP, and it will have many levels, at each level new troop combos being unlocked. The building will act as an advanced barracks, where a combination is selected – let’s say Giant/Wizard. This means that the giant is the base, as it is the first troop in the combo, and it receives the wizard’s damage. It will still have as many hit points and still target defences primarily, but will do damage much quicker. However, it will cost giant + wizard and will take up giant + wizard housing space (9). The combination will have no levels and the stats will depend on the levels of the individual troops, as will prices. Combos involving DE and elixir will cost both.

giant wizard


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