Coke & Mento Geysers: How?

Coke & Mento Geysers: How?

We’ve all seen it – drop a mint mento into a bottle of Diet Coke and it creates the most incredible eruptions of foam. But what is the science behind it?


It is mainly due to ‘nucleation’.  This is when the carbon dioxide in the Coke is attracted to the Mentos. The pressure created then sends the Coke bubbles soaring into orbit (or something like that)…

Nucleation is deemed by scientists as a physical reaction, not a chemical reaction. The carbon dioxide is squeezed into the drink to make it fizzy, and since it is trying to escape, it is pulled towards any lumps – the Mentos, in this case.

Nucleation can happen on anything – shards of glass, specks of dust etc. However, Mentos work well because each individual sweet is covered with over 30 layers of sugar (don’t tell your dentist), so that provides many nucleation sites for bubbles to form. Mentos then sink, so all the carbon dioxide is attracted and forms bubbles in all the little gaps all the way to the bottom. The bubbles turn to foam, and the pressure becomes too much for the bottom to handle…


But there are, as in any scientific idea, some questions. Why does it have to be Diet Coke? Well, it doesn’t have to, but Diet Coke is less sugary than normal Coke, so when the geyser is formed, the goo won’t be all sugary when it splatters all over you. Also, the sweeteners add to the pressure in the drink.

And what else works? In fact, if you drop anything into a fizzy drink it fizzes a little, but the Mento & Coke combo is very effective!

One more thing – what will happen if you drink Coke and then eat Mentos? It certainly won’t be pleasant, but it probably won’t cause you to splurge out geysers all over the place. This is due to a number of things – firstly, the majority of the fizz goes away as you drink. When the bubbles are formed in your stomach, it expands slightly. Your stomach won’t explode, as it is quite skilled in the art of… erm, releasing gas. Despite this, it wouldn’t be any fun, so stick to nucleation in your back garden for now!

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Incredible Exclusive: McDonald’s Plan Launch of Fast Food Spacecraft – April Fools Day Special

Incredible Exclusive: McDonald’s Plan Launch of Fast Food Spacecraft – April Fools Day Special

In an unprecedented advance in technology, The McDonald’s Corporation has announced the planned launch of a fast food spacecraft into orbit, named McMilky Way. 

McDonald 1

The fast food chain has gone global in recent years but that is seemingly not enough for them! Steve Easterbrook, President and CEO, today released an exclusive statement to say;

This project has been in the making for years now. We are delighted to get the green light from NASA and will be working vigorously towards making this dream reality.

The plan is to launch a shuttle, quite like the ISS [International Space Station] with a restaurant-style interior. This will be supplied by daily food-bearing rockets launched from our HQ in Texas.

We plan to launch in conjunction with the space holiday programmes being devised by NASA to give space travelers our wonderful, efficient dining experience universally.

We will expand from the moon out towards Mars and will hope to have sun-baked burgers with you in the year 2094 . This is a long-term project which will revolutionise the way we eat, explore and enjoy life on this planet and on  others.

The first branch of the McMilky Way project is expected to be here in the year 2047. Until then, for intergalactic cuisine, you’ll have to settle for a Mars Bar!

The news has been met with delight from astronauts and fast-food addicts, and it is predicted that soon the whole world will catch the McMilky Way fever and will be queuing up to book an anti-gravity table.

Is this what the wonderful plan will look like?

Is this what the wonderful plan will look like?

Even celebrities have had their say! Popstar Bruno Mars said:

I myself am a huge McDonald’s fan, and am delighted by this advance in fast food technology.

The Voice UK judge Sir Tom Jones had this to say:

I like McDonald’s. It was founded by Richard and Maurice McDonald. You know, I met them once…


McDonald 3

The above picture has been released by the Lunar Health Foundation. Spokesman David Johnson today said:

We can’t let this company barge onto the scene on our moon and poison the craters with it’s disgusting and unhealthy products! This plan is a catastrophe waiting to happen. I strongly believe that if we introduce our alien friends to any type of human food, it should be a fresh, healthy salad with a low fat dressing from Tesco.

This project has mixed views but it is clear to see that though Russia got the first man in orbit, America are to have the first fast food restaurant hurtling around our planet – surely a much bigger feat!

McDonald 4

Happy April Fool's Day!

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Guest Post: Chocolate

Guest Post: Chocolate

You may or may not know that my little brother also has a blog, Jeddy’s Favourites!

He has very kindly agreed to write this guest post about chocolate… Enjoy!

“Chocolate is one of the most popular sweets in the world! Almost everyone loves it.


There are chocolate factories, chocolate waterfalls, so today I thought I could make a chocolate blog post. I have made a chocolate video. If you watch this video you will understand exactly why chocolate is so popular. Enjoy!!!

Hope you liked that tasty looking homemade video :-)!!!

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Post-‘Pancake Day’ Photo Special

Post-‘Pancake Day’ Photo Special

Yum… that’s all I can say… I hope you had a ‘pancake day’ filled with pancakes… And even if ‘pancake day’ isn’t your thing, you must appreciate the following pancakes…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Top Ten Sweet Flavours

Top Ten Sweet Flavours

I haven’t written a food post for a while and I thought; Why, if I like food so much, do I not write more about it? So here it is: My Top 10 Sweet Flavours! Yum!!!

10. Watermelon

Watermelon is by far my favourite melon! It is so refreshing and gorgeous – but only have it when it’s in season. A bad watermelon is just horrible…

9. Blood Orange

Blood oranges have such a nice tangy flavour. But the best thing about them is in drinks! If you haven’t already (if you have, well done), you need to try San Pellegrino Sparkling Blood Orange. It is really really really nice… 😃

8. Marshmallow

It’s a classic flavour, I know, but sometimes you just can’t say no to the bouncy, springy loveliness of marshmallow. And if you see marshmallow fluff in shops, then you have to get it. And that’s an order!

7. Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough. Aaaah. Loooooooveleeeeeeee. But seriously, cookie dough is not only a delicious Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, but it is also nice on its own. But as all respectable people know, you cannot have cookie dough without chocolate chips. Now THAT would be just wrong!

6. Passion Fruit

A fruit? At number 6? Out of all the sugary delights that could be chosen, a fruit is at number 6? Who made this list? Oh yeah – me. The truth is, passion fruit is here not for its fruitiness, but for the fact that it can change into anything and still be lovely: passion fruit ice cream, passion fruit soufflé, passion fruit… Tic Tacs! Errrrr… Maybe not…

5. Nutella

Yep, I know what you’re thinking. Why is Nutella so far away from 1st? Well, despite its loveliness, I’m afraid it’s not quite up to scratch to make the top 4. Like Spurs! 🙂 ( very sorry, I had to make that joke… )

4. Chocolate Orange

Yes, yes, that picture isn’t really what I’m thinking of. And neither is that stuff that Terry makes. It’s the foolproof combo that does it for me. Sweets, cake and I’ve even seen fudge with this combination! You just can’t go wrong with chocolate orange. (Do I sound like one of those annoying people in adverts?)

3. Meringue

The only annoying thing is: how DO you spell it? It is crispy an crunchy on the outside, and creamy and wobbly on the inside. Have you ever seen one of those huge ones? Yum!

2. Banoffee

The oozy caramel and the soft light cream go so well with the banana! This is so delicious and is a genius combination! And it’s not just the pie, but the pie is incredible! Whoever invented banoffee, I salute you!

1. Salted Caramel

You just can’t beat it! Salted caramel ice cream – divine! Salted caramels – delectable! Salted Caramel hot chocolate (had this recently) – delicious! It is an amazing combination and there was never any doubt (in my mind, at least) that this sensation would prove the winner! Congratulations to Salted Caramel!

Heroes vs Celebrations: The Ultimate Chocolatey Battle!

Heroes vs Celebrations: The Ultimate Chocolatey Battle!

It’s the question on every choccy addict’s lips – what’s better, heroes or celebrations? The cacophony of Cadbury’s confectionery or the out-of-this-world Galaxy – Mars combo? It’s a huge question and one that I hope to answer once and for all. Heroes or Celebrations?


Many people have attempted to answer this question…


…But have provided no defining answer. Until now. Battle one: Dairy Milk vs Galaxy!!!

dm v g

Oooh, the question of all questions! There isn’t much to separate these two, but the nation’s favourite is Dairy Milk. Galaxy is smooth and luscious, but there is no sensation quite like biting into a cracking bar of Dairy Milk. A tight victory for Cadbury’s!


A victory for Cadbury’s in round one, although it was close. Time for Battle Two: Dairy Milk Caramel vs Galaxy Caramel!!!


Dairy Milk won the last round, but the addition of caramel makes things interesting! Galaxy Caramel is just so lovely and satisfying! Dairy Milk Caramel is also nice, but isn’t quite the same. The caramelliness wins it for Mars here!


So the scores are level! Sugary delights don’t stop there, though. Battle 3: Creme Egg Twisted vs Mars!!!


This is the battle of oozy loveliness! On one hand, you have the sugary tastiness of a Creme Egg, but on the other, the delectable Nougat and caramelliness of Mars Bar. We saw in the last round how good Mars’ caramel is, and it strikes again – just too much for it’s Cadbury’s counterparts! Mars take an early lead!


Mars and their celebrations have overtaken the Cadbury heroes! Drama! What will happen next in Battle 4: Eclair vs Twix!!!


This is a question of love it or hate it, I think. Personally, I am not a fan of Eclairs, or Twix, but I can’t see the attractions of an Eclair if there is a Twix available to eat. A close battle, but Twix has to take the title this time!


So the celebrations extend their lead! But it’s not over yet. Cadbury’s Heroes can peg it back! It’s time for Battle 5: Toblerone vs Snickers


It’s another tight battle between two chocolates! The downside of Toblerone is that it’s only available at Christmas time, but that doesn’t take away the loveliness of it! Triangular magic triumphs! Heroes pull one back!


So Cadbury’s aren’t out of this yet! It still hangs in the balance, it’s too hard to call! Battle 6: Twirl vs Bounty!!!


This one isn’t so close! Bounty has always been a liability for Mars and it’s weaknesses are apparent against twirl! Coconut – and chocolate? No go, if you ask me! And Twirls are just so lovely and — twirly! An easy victory for Heroes!


And look at that! Cadbury’s have pulled level! It’s getting tense before the last two battles… Battle 7: Wispa vs Malteser Teasers!!!


Oooh! A close one! Malteser Teasers are so delectably crispy and chocolatey and Wispa is a classic, smooth and almost creamy! Very hard to call, but I would prefer to eat a bar of the Malteser stuff as supposed to the (still delicious) Wispa!


Advantage Celebrations! The final battle will decide it – will Heroes rescue a late draw? Battle 8: Fudge vs Milky Way!!!


So here it is. Down to probably the least famous bars in each tub of delights. Fudge – Quite hard, not the nicest experience to eat. Milky Way – Quite marshmallowy, fluffy texture, quite tasty actually. You see where this is going… MILKY WAY WINS AND GRANTS MARS THE TITLE!!!



To conclude: Hopefully this post has answered all your questions. This has provided the answer that everyone was looking for – celebrations are better than heroes. Cadbury’s, the nations favourite, has not managed to triumph over Mars’ celebrations! But, if still in doubt…

Just get a box of Quality Streets!!!

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Fruit Picture Quiz

Fruit Picture Quiz

Think you are the quiz master? Think you know all there is to know about delectable fruits? Put your knowledge to the test in my home-made fruity quiz!!! Page 1 is the questions, page 2 is the answers (no cheating!!!) After, post how many you got in the commenting section below!


Round 1 – Easy:





Round 2 – Medium:


sharon fruit 1




dragon fruit



Round 3 – Hard


mango1 mango2




bananabanana2 banana3


papaya# papaya2