The Jungle Book – Review

The Jungle Book – Review

Jon Favreau directs a remake of the 1968 classic, and this time, incredible computer-generated animals create incredibly realistic jungle scenes.


The classic tale follows Mowgli, a ‘mancub’ who was raised by a panther and a pack of wolves after he was left an orphan in a village on the outskirts of a jungle. However, when Shere Khan the lion (voiced by the brilliant Idris Elba) attempts to hunt him down in retaliation for an wound that he suffered whilst fighting, and eventually killing, Mowgli’s father. Loved characters like Baloo return, with the sloth bear played by Bill Murray. There is a little less music than the original, but the two big tracks, the ‘Bare Necessities’ and ‘I Wanna Be Like You’, of course feature.

The film’s special effects are incredible – the unbelievably lifelike animals remind you of Life of Pi, and the jungle landscapes are lush and beautiful. Neel Sethi, who plays Mowgli, was superb and he had to act as if he was talking to an animal, when there was actually nothing there!

This film represents a huge leap forward in computer-generated film-making and is a superb remake of the famous tale that will once again captivate a new generation.

5 Games You Should Be Playing!

5 Games You Should Be Playing!

Am I the only one who always feels like they need a new phone game to play? Honestly, it feels like every day I want something new to play. That’s why I’m sharing 5 games that you should definitely try out.

2014-02-24 18.59.50

1. Infection

This game is really fun. You may have heard of Plague Inc. but this is a free version which is just as good. The aim is to infect the world with your disease, and you can set up what traits you want your disease to have – how it can be transmitted, what it does, all sorts of things. To win, you must wipe out humanity before they find a cure!


2. OSM 

I recently posted about this multi-player footy management game – and since then they have unveiled a major update that will improve both the interface and the features of the game. It is a really fun, addictive game to play and is even better when you can get a big group of friends to all play in the same league.


3. Clash Royale

Another multiplayer game that I have recently posted about. Clash Royale combines the card-based gameplay of Hearthstone, the packs and online battling of FIFA Ultimate Team and the characters from Clash of Clans to create what is destined to be a brilliant game for all ages. Super fun!


4. Score! Hero

This is a superb offline game and if you like football games then you’ll love this. With the line-drawing-to-kick controls of Flick Kick Football and Score! World Goals, it is a simple game yet very hard to master. Control a player through 19 seasons (so far) of his career, and see if he can become a world-beater! There a 380 levels to master, and you’ll never get bored of this game.


5. Happy Wheels

The mobile version of the hit online game, you have to guide a character through obstacle-course-type levels and avoid getting killed – because if you do beware of the incredibly gory animated graphics! This is a quirky little game and is very fun but really tricky!

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OSM – Football Manager with Friends

OSM – Football Manager with Friends

Online Soccer Manager is a hugely popular online and mobile game that combines Football Manager with online gameplay to create an insanely fun game to play with friends.


You take control of a club – let’s say a Premier League team, though it can be any league. In my league, I am Tottenham, and am currently 2nd, just like real life. 19 other people can join and all manage a team each. The way it works is there is one match every night, 38 league games and there is also a cup tournament which are knockout matches every week or so. Over 43 days the season is played and there are also 4 ‘pre-season’ games.


A league from each country shares a transfer list, where players can be bought and sold on all season.


Existing players can be trained, too. Young players work best. One player from each position can be trained per round, and players improve by 1, 2 or 0 each round they are trained.


That is the main gist of the game – train, check results and rearrange your line up. There are also so pretty cool features that add to the realism – for example, there is a newspaper! OK, maybe the articles aren’t the best, but it is quite funny to read!


You can choose kit and stadium sponsors, and if you are a ticket holder (in-app purchases) you can do all sorts of cool things! There is also the board – three members, including the chairman who goes on and on about betting and gambling on your position in the league!!!

To finish off my post, just for fun, I am going to do a preview of tonight’s round of OSM fixtures!


Chelsea host West Bromwich Albion tonight hoping to extend their four point lead at the top of the table. Manager Grecubogg2001 has seen a slight drop in form over the past few days, but title challengers Tottenham, Manchester United and Man City haven’t been able to capitalise. However, second-from-bottom West Brom are unlikely to cause an upset tonight, having won just 1 of their 20 games so far.

That poor record is only better than that of Liverpool, who have had a disastrous season and are yet to win, only on 3 points so far. Marcel del Duca, inexperienced Liverpool boss, knows his job is on the line as they travel to Southampton tonight, and may need a good result to keep at the helm of the Reds. Their opposition, managed by max1886, are on a real high of late and have jumped to sixth in the league. Star striker Robert Lewandowski and his partners in crime will be looking to dent Liverpool’s already slim survival hopes.

Elsewhere, West Ham will be expecting victory over Aston Villa, Sunderland and Watford will play out a tightly-contested match and Everton will host Swansea, needing a win to put pressure on City in fourth. Mid-table Leicester have had a good season so far under krishbeast, but Stoke City will be buoyed by the appointment of their new boss Mr Arun after b_smith left by mutual consent last night. 

Arsenal play Bournemouth knowing only a win can keep alive their hopes of a top four finish, but The Cherries are slipping down the table and may be dragged into a relegation scrap if they can’t find a win here. After being walloped 5-0 at home against Spurs, they will be low on confidence.

Spurs, however, are still buzzing and welcome 11th-placed Crystal Palace to the newly-rebranded  ‘ Arena’.  With Clinton N’Jie and Arturo Vidal in fine form, it remains to be seen whether 2nd place Tottenham can challenge Chelsea for the title.

The Manchester clubs will need to try and keep pace with the top 2, and after a close result in the Manchester derby  last night(United running out 2-0 winners), they face Newcastle and Norwich looking for all three points. With just three days to go until the highly-anticipated Tottenham-Man United clash, both teams will be trying to pick up maximum points to be on a high going into the vital match.


Clash Royale – Supercell’s Best Yet?

Clash Royale – Supercell’s Best Yet?

It’s been a long time coming, but when Supercell’s new game Clash Royale landed in the UK App Store, it didn’t disappoint.


The game combines the popular faces from Clash of Clans with gameplay that card battlers like Hearthstone would be proud of, alongside a dose of FIFA Ultimate Team in the ‘packs’ – chests – and the online match-ups. The aim of the game is to defeat other players in battles and rise up the arenas. You do this by winning trophies after defeating other, similar-level players to you in battles, and the more trophies you have, the higher your arena.


Here’s how battles work – each player has a Battle Deck of 8 cards. Cards are unlocked in chests, with Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary cards, each rarer than the one before. Different cards are unlocked at different arenas, and each has a different elixir cost.

In battle, you have 3 minutes to destroy the other player’s towers – each player has two crown towers and a kings tower, the former getting you 1 crown, whilst if you destroy the latter you immediately win the battle. You destroy towers by placing cards in the game. Some cards defend, like the Cannon, whilst some attack, like the Balloon. Most cards will be able to attack both the opponent’s cards and their towers, and you aim to destroy more towers than your opponent in 3 minutes. The currency, elixir, will gradually rise over time and you spend it on deploying cards to battle the opponent.

If that all seems very confusing, here is a video of what a battle looks like…

Also, remember to submit your team for Feisty Footy before this weekend’s matches kick off by clicking this link!

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Game Review:

Game Review: is an online game that involves you controlling a cell and avoiding bigger cells whilst trying to consume smaller cells than you.

Basically,’s gameplay is all about you eating up all the other cells in order to become the biggest cell in the game. But it’s not that simple as it is a massive online multiplayer game, and at times, there may be dozens of other players doing the same. So it’s literally a case of eat or be eaten with this game. You’re also trying to avoid being eaten by the other bigger cells, and so it makes it more challenging.

What makes it even more complicated is the fact that the bigger you get, the slower you’ll get to trudge along. But it also means that the chances of the smaller cells bumping into you becomes bigger, and so you get bigger too. An option would be to divide your massive body into several smaller, more nimble ones, all the better to eat up more cells, but this is risky as it may result in bigger cells gobbling you up. Your nickname and the other players’ nicknames are written on your cell bubbles so there won’t be any confusion.

There is also a new android and ios app for the game. The app is made by Miniclip and is pretty good, though sometimes glitchy and slow and often you spawn on top of another cell. However, it does have the cool feature that shows you where you would be on the leaderboard.

I rate this game…

9 10

It is addictive, fun and exciting while being minimalistic and simple. The controls are easy, just using the mouse, space bar to split in half and ‘w’ button to eject little portions of your mass.

The amount of players that play it means there is never a dull moment, and you can play it for 5 minutes or hours on end!

Simple online games don’t get much better than, so I definitley recommend installing it!

iOS Game Review: NOYBE

iOS Game Review: NOYBE

A brand new game has emerged on Apple’s App Store and from what I’ve seen/played, it could be destined for greatness!

It has been labelled as “the greatest challenge of patience and fine-motor skills you’ll ever face”. Oh boy is that right! It is deeply frustrating and incredibly annoying. However, my first impression was that this looks like my kind of app – simplistic, fun, easy to play yet fiendishly difficult to master! You control a little yellow fur ball – presumably called NOYBE? – and you need to guide him as he bounces off little bubbles around the side of the screen. All is not as it seems, however, as once hit the bubbles cannot be hit for a long period of time afterwards, until they grow back. There are also mystery bubbles and ‘double bubbles’ to increase your score.

The controls are simple, you just tilt the screen to move the ball of fluff from bubble to bubble. But the speed increases the more bubbles you touch in quick succession, and consequently the bubble becomes harder to control. There are also some in-app purchases that give you new fur balls that earn you more points. These are a bit over-priced though.

Also, they are working on a big update. they are creating levels, an a no ad option. This will add a whole new dimension and will be released in the next 1-2 months. For more info you should follow their social network pages. Of course the game is very new on the scene so there are a few glitches, and so in the update I’d also like to see:
– Fix the crashing on iPod Touches
– Fix the glitch on iPhones where it crashes if you press play again too soon after ending the last turn.
– Fix the glitch where it doesn’t remember your previous best after it crashes.
– Maybe decrease the price of the existing in app purchases so more people buy them.
– Perhaps an in-game currency which you can spend on customising your hairy friend.
– Achievements that give you this currency, and coins in the game.

If some of these things are added along with the levels this already well-thought-out, cleverly programmed and insanely addictive game will reach the heights of similar games like Paper Toss and the almighty Flappy Bird. The developers have done an excellent job on this clever, cute game and with a few tweaks and additions it will be the complete package. And it’s free! I urge you all to download this excellent, fun game and be patient, because when the update comes out it will be worth it!


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How has the new Clash of Clans update impacted the gameplay?

How has the new Clash of Clans update impacted the gameplay?

Clash of Clans updates are always eagerly anticipated and publicised by players of iOS’s biggest game, and when Supercell released the latest, labelled the biggest update since Clan Wars, it got everyone excited. This post will go through the update in detail after I closely scrutinised it with my blog review hat on.

The first thing Supercell revealed in the infamous release of sneak peeks prior to the update were level 5 dragons. These provoked scenes of excitement and hopes of a revival for the air beasts at town hall 10. However, the release of a second air sweeper at town hall 9 acted as a counterbalancing feature – as dragon level 4 were made available at town hall 9 due to popular demand – and I have a feeling this update will have no impact. The issue is, dragons are mainly utilised in mass dragon attacks at town hall levels 7 and 8, and this strategy is made useless with the addition of a fourth air defence at town hall 9. Dragons are relatively quick, so the haste spell (below) will do them little good. What’s more, suggestions of additions of a dragon to lavaloonion strategies (lava hounds, balloons, minions) seem pretty hopeless as the 20 capacity a dragon – weak used on its own – takes up is far better to be used on 4 more balloons. Overall this section of the update is the least exciting as it mainly acts as a blow for lavaloonion because of a second air sweeper, seeing as the new dragon level can already be deemed useless.

Champions league began as an unreachable target that all players strive for but has become standard level for maxed out town hall 10 players. The addition of Champions 1,2,3 (3200 – 4099 trophies) is good, and also means champions is less prestigious and easier to access, as all the top players will be in the new Titan leagues 1,2,3 (4100 – 4999 trophies) – despite its ugly symbol! And to add extra spice to the best player’s trophy pushing, the new legend league has been added. It brings a new goal to the ‘boring’ game a maxed player plays up at the top end of the game. Alongside this comes extra prizes and recognition for being the best player, or in the best clan, an extension of the league seasons to one month an the overhaul and redesign of the profiles gives a sleeker, more competitive look and feel to the league system.


And congratulations to Shaheen UAE on becoming the first ever legend league player!

I would like to take this opportunity to point out that nothing is perfect in life and despite how good clash of clans is there are some bugs and errors in their update that I will take the time to point out:

~ Archer Queens placed next to still hidden Hidden Teslas often get stuck, don’t move and don’t attack.
~ The improved AIs of heroes is barely noticeable 😉
~ Wall breaker improvements failed miserably so they had to change it back.
~ The league badges for ‘I’ leagues is horrible :-/
~ Some people are unable to join, make or be invited to clans.
~ It appears in the profiles of all th8+ players that they have unlocked all of their dark spells!!

And that leads us nicely onto…

dark factory

DARK SPELLS!!!!!!!!!!! This is a brilliant new addition to the game and adds so much more variety to attack strategies, I can’t wait to experiment even more! Plus there is a new storage capacity system in place with spells which adds so much more variety to the game. The factory is unlocked at town hall 8, and the first two dark spells are unlocked here before the final one arrives at town hall 9, leaving room for a new one at town hall 10 ( and 11??????) First up…


The poison spell looks the best of the lot so far. It is the only one that fills in a gap in attacking, the one that the lightning spell feebly tries to fill – taking out clan castle troops. The poison spell is brilliant at destroying common war castle troops such as wizards, witches, minions and archers, so I now recommend dragons or lava hounds in war castles as they are less vulnerable. However, people have made the fatal mistake of poison-spelling heroes. It. Is. Useless. Thus far this is the spell that makes its way into my GoWiWi attacks these days.


This is a completely useless spell. There – I’ve said it. Haven’t supercell considered the lightning spell? The only two differences are that this one does the same percentage of damage to every single structure in the game (pointless) and it does 4x damage on walls – but you can only destroy walls if you bring four earthquake spells, which means you have to sacrifice at least one elixir spell – it is barely worth upgrading your dark spell factory from level 1, and I wouldn’t bother if it wasn’t for the…


Haste Spell! Yay! No? To be honest, I’m not sure where I stand on the haste spell. It could either turn out incredibly useful, epic for one attack strategy only ( likely, I think, that this is the case and the strategy is lavaloonion ) or completely and utterly as worthless as a healer. Its not the first, I can tell you that. Its radius is too small to have a massive impact on loads of troops, and so gives a short burst of speed, but little else and hardly more. And it’s the most expensive, advanced dark spell in the game! I’m not too impressed, supercell…

And now for the little bits that often go unnoticed in the updates:
~ Army overview screen – helpful little tool that comes hand in hand with a toolbar to flick between barracks and factories.
~ Spell creation time reduced – Hallelujah! No more waiting for hours for spells!
~ Spell queuing – Makes little difference considering how long spells take anyway.
~ Reduced training cost for some troops – reduced by a minuscule amount.
~ Quick single target inferno tower full-power stuff – pretty cool if you ask me…
~ Arabic and Traditional Chinese now supported! – it has gone from a good game to a great game! Ni hao!

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