Premier League Christmas Review and Predictions ⚽️👌

I am really really rubbish at predicting football. I just am. It’s never been something I’m very good at. Ever. But I still do it, because I know how many people (about 4) like reading my football prediction posts. So here’s another one. And since I haven’t written a football post at all this season this one… Continue reading Premier League Christmas Review and Predictions ⚽️👌

October Playlist 👊

It’s been too long since the last monthly playlist, and after a month and a half I think it’s finally time for the much-anticipated/completely forgotten-about October playlist! My Way – Calvin Harris This song has been deleted from YouTube!!!!!!! But don’t worry, you can still listen on Spotify and iTunes, and it’s a really great tune which… Continue reading October Playlist 👊

September Playlist 🎶

The holiday month is over 😭 and now I’m back from the sun ☀️ and in cold old London. I’m sure every one else is feeling depressed as the back to work and school week is just around the corner… BUT there is one thing that’ll cheer you up! My September playlist is hear (pun… Continue reading September Playlist 🎶

Countdown to Kick-Off: New Blog!!!

In preparation for the Premier League season, I have started up a new football blog with my brother, Jeddy, called ‘Anfield A to Z’. It is, of course, a Liverpool blog, dedicated to posting about the mightiest Red men around. I will try to be less biased on blametheblogger as now I can be biased… Continue reading Countdown to Kick-Off: New Blog!!!